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Vendor Audits and Reviews

Are you being overcharged or buying more resources than you need? Is the data you're getting good? Are you getting all the data, like every adverse event called into your telemarketing services provider? Are your samples delivered to the right people and tracked accurately?

You need to know.

In some cases, you are compelled by law to know. And that is why DB Marketing Technologies is the leading provider of marketing vendor audits to corporate America. We review marketing database service providers, telemarketing vendors, fulfillment houses, direct agencies, technology solutions and more. 

We uncover process flaws that result in longer delivery times. We identify where vendors over-resource a project. And we test compliance protocols to ensure our clients are meeting their regulatory requirements.

Vendor Audits are not about a lack of trust, but a need to verify that you have the right team working in the right way to deliver the quality product or service that you've purchased. Even your favorite vendors can get a little sloppy over the years and need a reboot.

And that is why our team of analysts, who have worked for and with these types of vendors for many years can so easily go in and find where errors and inefficiencies occur and make fixes so that you can boost your marketing performance, increase your vendor ROI and stay in compliance.

Fig. 1: Case Study of Client’s Marketing Database Management Costs Pre-audit and Post-audit.


Cost without Audit

Cost w/ DBMT Audit

Database Management



Addressing Errors & Delays



Database Migration



Marketing Database Performance Audit



Marketing Database Management Support






Actual Client Savings



Careful, Periodic Audits Will Save You Money!

DB Marketing Technologies analysts have a proven track record of cutting costs without cutting services. Because DBMT staffers have a long history of auditing and working with marketing vendors, they know where vendors tend to pile on resources to compensate for experience-gaps and where they charge too much for over-engineered solutions.

DB Marketing Technologies audits are geared to deliver maximum value to clients through:

1.   Incorporation of historical context and future needs.  Past decisions, projects, vendors and stakeholder actions can have a lasting impact on multiple parts of the vendor contract and service requirements. These histories must be reviewed for a complete assessment of the current state.  Stated and un-stated future requirements reveal the degree to which the current architecture will be sufficient.

2.   End-to-end assessment.  CRM practices are the intersection of resources, skills, tools, processes and data—and each vendor contributes a critical piece to a successful architecture.  As a result, a vendor audit must include a detailed review of marketing activities, creative, surveys/forms, personnel, vendor capabilities and stakeholder involvement.  Successful assessments tie all of these pieces together driving complete and accurate conclusions and insightful recommendations.

3.   Focus on both impact on execution and impact on insight availability and quality.  To truly meet company needs, vendors must do their part to enable the organization to successfully execute programs – reaching the right people at the right time with the right message – and deliver accurate insights so that the company can develop the right message for the right groups of people and deliver them at the right time.  A vendor must be assessed for its ability to deliver on both levels.

When DBMT is in your corner, you not only get a partner who will get you better pricing, but also a trusted advisor who will make sure your vendors are aligned to deliver on your business requirements. Consequently, DBMT clients benefit from both reduced charges and improved marketing performance.

For more information on DBMT Vendor Audits and Reviews, please call (212) 717-6000 x202.

DBMT Database Audit Screen

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Customer Testimonial

"Clearly, this was one of the most comprehensive and well-articulated evaluations of the Nexium database infrastructure that AZ has received. In addition, DBMT’s evaluation led to critical cost savings for the year.

Clarity of approach, technical expertise, thoroughness of communications, and affable personnel made interaction easy. DBMT also has a clear understanding of the importance of listening to the client and helping to identify client needs and issues. 

Unlike the approach all too often pushed by consultants to force fit a ‘canned’ model or provide a ‘pie-in-the-sky’ plan without validating the ability of implementation, DBMT recommendations were provided with a realistic sense of where the business is to-date and what is truly feasible for the future." 

Senior Promotions Manager
GI Products


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