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Total Customer Management (TCM)

Total Customer Management (TCM) is how your company can actually increase revenue using all the customer data housed in every facet of the organization.  It is an interdepartmental approach to speaking to and working with your customers so that they genuinely feel like you know who they are at every touch point and you have the aggregated information to develop a far more profitable relationship with them.

How does it work? Think of your company like it's hosting a party. Marketing sends out that irresistible invitation. Pulling in customer information from its own databases, sales and customer service, marketing far better allocates its spend according to the value and attrition vulnerability of its customers. Consequently, its targeted messaging gets all kinds of people to the door, ready to shop. But that's just the beginning. How can you ensure your guests feel welcome and actually buy? With TCM, your organization knows what it means to be a good party host and takes customers by the hand, introducing them to both the new product they came to see as well as all the other fabulous related products that statistical analyses has indicated that they would like to meet. In short, sales and customer experience management take the lead from marketing and work hand in hand to make sure the customer gets what he wants and more. If, heaven forbid, something displeases a customer, customer support is also right there to step in and not only fix the problem, but also offer the customer a reason to stay at the party, accessing customer profile, purchasing, and return information from across the enterprise and calculating an appropriate concession. Then, customer service gets word back to corporate that there may be an issue with the party. As a good host, corporate wants everyone to feel welcome and shrewdly calculates the right amount of resources - if any - to address issues according to the value and vulnerability of each guest. Incentives and concessions may be given out to motivate and assuage customers to purchase. By the end of the party when customers are checking out with their goods and services, marketing is then in a perfect position to come back and offer a parting gift, the right promotion to ensure that there'll be plenty of money for the next party and that customers will definitely attend.

An enterprise solution.
DB Marketing Technologies Total Customer Management (TCM)  approach delivers to businesses everything needed to maximize the value of customer interactions -- bulletproof data management and analytics that score value and vulnerability so each channel can gauge precisely what must be done to turn an at-risk customer into a loyal one.

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Customer Testimonial

"DB Marketing Technologies took our DTC [Direct-to-Consumer] CRM effort from its infancy to a senior management supported initiative. By aligning our vendors, DBMT immediately reduced our costs. And by delving into our data collection efforts, they enabled us to generate reports never before available. Their work enabled us to quickly prove the value of DTC marketing. As a result, we were able to initiate a full-scale CRM project across multiple product lines."

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