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Reporting, Dashboards and Scorecards
Get the information and insights you want quickly, succinctly, and easily.

The primary reasons that marketers invest in CRM and database marketing is to get information about customers and use customer information to generate sales and increase customer profitability.  So it follows that the reporting component of any database marketing or CRM capability is absolutely critical to the success of the initiative, marketing performance improvement, and overall satisfaction with the company’s investment in CRM (click here to read our Reporting Primer for Marketers, published in DTC Perspectives magazine).

Garbage in, Garbage out
Unfortunately, marketers are mostly dissatisfied with their reporting.  Whether it is because they are not confident in the numbers they see, do not have access to the numbers they need, or find the reports too difficult to use, the results are always the same — missed business opportunities, an incomplete view of the customer and marketplace, and overall lack of confidence in the CRM capability.

Longitudinal Cutomer Analytics ImageBusiness over Technology
The most common response to marketer dissatisfaction with reporting has been to place a business intelligence tool, such as Cognos or Business Objects, on top of the available data as a way to make the data “easier to use.”  Unfortunately, these efforts often end in failure, with increased dissatisfaction, reduced confidence, and a perceived lack of value in the overall CRM/Database solution. Why?  Because reporting is a business opportunity, not a technology problem for tools to solve. 

Marketers need their information presented in a concise, relevant and accurate form.  Tools do not identify necessary data, vet information coming in, or design reports. DB Marketing Technologies does. While tools improve access to and flexibility of data, they do nothing to ensure delivery of a marketer’s key requirements. DB Marketing Technologies does.

DB Marketing Technologies Makes Reporting Work for Marketers
Reports designed and developed by DB Marketing Technologies deliver the answers marketers need quickly and easily. The numbers are good, the insights accurate, and the action items clear and easy to understand. No more poring over pages wondering how the heck the final numbers were derived, is the data good, and trying to figure out what the reports are telling you.

When you work with DB Marketing Technologies, you know the numbers are good and the insights are spot-on, because DB Marketing Technologies reporting projects don’t start with output — they start with marketer business requirements and data input. Even more, you will know exactly what the reports are saying because we will literally draw you a picture, provide a score, give a grade, do whatever it takes to describe a situation and present performance in as few words and as little time as possible.

DB Marketing Technologies provides end-to-end services and methods that fully deliver on the reporting needs of marketers by addressing the following three key areas:


  • Accuracy
  • Relevancy
  • Ease of Use (Design Excellence)


To ensure data coming into reports are accurate – i.e. the numbers are rock solid for senior management and you can actually make good decisions based on the information –
DB Marketing Technologies performs the following:

  • Touchpoint Tracking Enhancement
  • Data Collection Evaluation and Correction
  • Database Audit and Remedy


To make sure the reports actually answer marketer business questions now and in the future, DB Marketing Technologies performs the following:

    Business Requirements Review and Enhancement
  • Data/Business Requirements Reconciliation
  • Analytic Plan
  • Metric and Measurement Standards Development and Enhancement

Ease of Use (Design Excellence)

Finally, to ensure that reports communicate what’s happening in the marketplace quickly and simply, DB Marketing Technologies performs:

  • Report Design (using industry standard reporting tools)
  • Reporting Implementation Support and Management
  • Reporting Portal Hosting (turnkey solution with guaranteed service

Call DB Marketing Technologies today to schedule your free reporting consultation: (212) 717-6000.

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Customer Testimonial

"DB Marketing Technologies has enabled us to answer the important questions. The combination of the intelligence of their consultants, clear analytic approach, and ability to both document and execute on their findings has enabled us to make many important marketing decisions.

DBMT’s expertise in using data to both improve marketing performance and calculate dollar return for marketing spend has been invaluable to my team.

By working together with our ad agency and all vendor/partners involved in the promotional effort, DBMT is able to better align the total promotional effort, ensuring that there is no project overlap, serving to lower our overall spend and increase the return on investment."

Brand Director

Roche Laboratories

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