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Top Story:
 Skinny CRM -
 How to Win on a


DM News Editor-in-Chief Ginger Conlon calls this article a "
"Because CRM projects can easily balloon out of control, pharma firms should also look to independent companies like Acxiom, DB Marketing Technologies, or SYNAVANT to audit their projects."
— Pharma CRM's  Analytical Cure, Forrester Research
NEW Article! CVS, Rite Aid and Walmart Block Apple Pay, Choosing Customer Data over Privacy
Apple Pay is great for the consumer. It's super secure and easy to use. But it's transaction-blind and not so good for the merchant. Merchants would much prefer a payment app that fosters data collection and even reduced or eliminated credit card transaction fees. And that is why CVS, Rite Aid and Walmart signed on with Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX). Here's the problem. MCX's CurrentC is less secure than Apple Pay and requires consumers to have payments pulled from their bank accounts, meaning that even more of a consumer's personal information becomes at risk in the payment system. Will Mega-retailer support be enough to put merchant-friendly CurrentC on the map over Apple Pay?  Read more.

Skinny CRM - How to Win on a Budget
Described by DM News Editor-in-Chief Ginger Conlon as a " David Bernard gives incredibly useful tips on how to handle marketing budget cuts and protect your job at the same time. Given that in today's economy, marketing budgets are routinely slashed, either through year-over-year cuts or worse through forced budget give-backs mid-year, marketers are expected to do more, or at least the same, with less resources and cash. The big question is how to spend less and not lose your edge...  Read more.

Article: Send in the Clouds
DB Marketing Technologies' David Bernard gets to the heart of Cloud solutions: "Cloud solutions are sold as turnkey products to be easily run and managed by clients. They’re not. Once companies stop high-fiving themselves for their miraculous find, they discover that the low cost of the cloud product is derived from the lack of support for the technology – there is no one floating on the cloud to integrate and manage the solution. ...So, when considering a cloud solution for your CRM/Multi-Channel Marketing capabilities, keep the following in mind...  Read more.

Article: CRM Pennies vs. People
People always want the “shiny penny”. Especially in business, when the pennies are technology and the shine is the “cool” and the “new” thing that will get the job done for less. The challenge is that pennies, even the shiny ones, are still only pennies. It takes people to make those pennies stretch to get the job done. ...Implementing and using business technology – even the shiniest, newest application or infrastructure - requires the following three things...  Read more.

Article: It's Time to Get Real: Doing Big Data Right When the Stakes are Too High to Get It Wrong
Given the “irrational exuberance” for Big Data and daunting responsibility of managing/securing customer information, companies can no longer just pay lip service to CRM while pointing to the mounting pile of technology purchases in their Marketing and IT departments. It’s time to get real....Here are three things you can do now to get real and get CRM right...  Read more.

Article: The 5 Deadly Stages of Multi-channel Marketing Solution Implementation
Let's say your team has just purchased a new Multi-channel Marketing solution. And let's say your team did everything right in the selection process. Yet when it's time to implement the solution, it doesn't work well at all. What do you do? Find out how marketing execs bury themselves when faced with implementation errors...  Read more.

The 2014 CRM Executive Series Part 1: Multi-channel Marketing Automation, Data Management and Stewardship
In an effort to optimize your marketing investment, you've probably prioritized data-driven multi-channel marketing in your marketing mix. With that comes an increased demand for marketing automation tools, products and services. But here's the rub, budget allocation to such non-agency, one-off expenses is highly scrutinized. Failure is unacceptable. So, to protect yourself and your team, we have created a Multi-channel Marketing Automation Bill of Rights to help ensure successful delivery of multi-channel marketing solutions in any industry. Your rights are...  Read more.

SaaS is Changing Customer Database Management
See how DBMT customer database experts can help prepare you to make the transition to SaaS solutions "Multi-channel marketing groups are exploring software as a service (SaaS) solutions, often in collaboration with their IT counterparts.  The change from the traditional MSP model stems from..."  Read more.

NEW! DBMT® Customer Hub: Connecting Customers to Marketing and Marketing to all of its Resources
As a senior marketer, you have a daunting responsibility — increasing sales through customer engagement.  But success is not just about coming up with a great marketing message anymore. Now companies are competing by how well they deliver their brands’ messages to their customers across all the touchpoints—including web, email, social, mobile and direct mail—in a coordinated, reliable, consistent, and timely manner.  Companies must turn their Marketing departments into an integrated Customer Hub that connects customers to the company and connects the company to all its supporting stakeholders inside and out. Find out how to make your department the Hub.

The Center for Buisness Intelligence (CBI) will feature David Bernard at its Life Sciences CRM Forum  (December 11-12, Philadelphia). David will present "How to Better Manage Your MSP — A Guide for Marketers and Technology Partners " on December 11th at 11:30 am.
In today’s competitive landscape,marketers cannot afford to miss opportunities to build better, more cost efficient and accurate campaigns. In this session, we'll walk through the essential knowledge marketers must have to effectively manage MSPs, specifically giving marketers an understanding of how MSPs are structured, staffed, and how they set their fees; an overview of MSP technology and delivery models (databases, campaign management, business intelligence, SaaS and "the cloud"); selecting, negotiating, and on-boarding MSPs; and best practices for governance and daily management of MSP campaigns.
Click here for more about the conference.

The National Center for Database Marketing will feature David Bernard at NCDM  - The Conference for Engaging Customers Using Data & Technology (December 12-14, Las Vegas). David will present "How to Optimize your Customer Database for Analytics & Business Intelligence" on December 12th at 8 am.
In today’s competitive landscape, marketing databases must satisfy both operational and analytic/insight needs to drive marketing success for businesses. On an operational level, marketing databases must capture, cleanse and transform transactional data accurately and completely to drive flawless execution. Analytically, attributes, metrics and measures must be timely and accurate. In this session, attendees will get best practices in database design to ensure both operational and analytic excellence. Attendees will find out how to adjust their internal processes and interactions with vendors and technology teams to properly design, execute and manage their campaigns.
Click here for more about the conference.

DBMT's David Bernard and panel of senior marketers from America's top pharmaceutical companies discuss "Marketing Databases and Adherence Programs: Getting it Right the First Time" at Eyeforpharma's Patient Adherence, Communication and Engagement conference (October 24-25, Philadelphia)
As with all patient-centric/multi-channel marketing, adherence programs rely on marketing database vendors, tools and technology to ensure proper execution, accurate insights and actionable program measurement. In this panel discussion, attendees will find out how to save big money and improve adherence program performance by eliminating database errors and inefficiencies that degrade performance; repair and improve data collection, data management, data quality and more; improve customer insight; and improve response to market and competitive pressures. Click here for more about the conference.              
CRM practice leader David Bernard to present how pharma marketers can keep errors and inaccuracies from their Marketing Databases and CRM Programs at CBI's Forum on Pharmaceutical CRM and (June 21, 2011 - Philadelphia)
Attendees will learn how to save big money and grow program ROI by eliminating database errors and inefficiencies that degrade performance; repair and improve data collection, data management, data quality and more; improve customer insight; and improve response to market and competitive pressures.  Click here to read more about the conference.              
CBI's Forum on Contract Sales Strategies for Bio/Pharmaceutical Companies  to feature DBMT's David Bernard on "Physician Relationship Management and Data Collection Optimization" (June 22 at 11 am, Philadelphia)
Attendees will find out how to design an effective data collection strategy and how to implement effective dynamic data collection in a multi-channel environment.  Click here to read more about the conference.              
Marketer News (April 2011) Security Bulletin: Epsilon Breach and What DBMT Advises You to Do
Epsilon announced that "on March 30th, an incident was detected where a subset of Epsilon clients' customer data were exposed by an unauthorized entry into Epsilon's email system." Since Epsilon is saying that the breach only involves name and email address, this appears to be a breach of security involving...  Click here for the full bulletin and find out what you need to do.
DTC National Conference welcomes DBMT's David Bernard and BMS' Craig McGettigan who will discuss how to "Bullet-proof Your Marketing Databases and CRM Programs" (April 8. 2011 at 11 am, Marriott Copley Place, Boston)
In this session, pharmaceutical CRM expert David Bernard and BMS Associate Director Craig McGettigan will present a detailed framework designed to help marketers manage their customer databases and vendors -- proactively and forensically identifying and correcting issues before they damage a brand or program.  Click here to read more about the conference.              
Direct Marketing News (December 2010) David Bernard reveals you can "Avoid new database vendor problems"  
What you do after selecting your new vendor - during the negotiations, contracting and on-boarding - will determine whether the relationship is long and successful or short and costly. In this article, Bernard identifies the four "red flags" that lead to failure and in so doing, reveals how to build a successful database vendor relationship.  Click here to read this article.              
Direct Marketing News (November 2010) asks DBMT®'s David Bernard about marketing database management  
In this straight-forward Q&A with Bernard, who is quickly becoming known as corporate America's database doctor, Bernard discusses the common mistakes of marketing database management and how to avoid them.  Click here to read this article.              
In E-commerce Times (September 21, 2010) "IBM's $1.7B Netezza Acquisition May Not Be Done Deal,"   DBMT®'s David Bernard explains why IBM needs to get into this space  
"While powerful database systems were always needed alongside analytics software to perform customer analytics, the exponential growth of businesses' appetite for customer insight has driven the need for infrastructure that is optimized for analytics," Bernard told the E-Commerce Times. "Databases focused on simply the storage of data are no longer sufficient.  Click here to read this article.              
New whitepaper from DB Marketing Technologies "The Customer Marketing Database: Cutting Costs and Improving Performance"  
"Customer marketing databases are complex collections of processes, technologies, vendors, data and tools which are constantly in flux and are forced to adapt to business changes.  Left on their own, even the best architectures with the best vendors and the best tools will start to operate out of phase with business requirements within eight months of implementation.  And these variances can be very costly. The typical points of failure in Customer Marketing Database include..." In this paper, you get: facts - where customer marketing databases tend to fail, why, and how they are fixed; insights - why companies audit their customer databases; a quiz - how to identify if your customer database is prone to “budget burn;” case studies - how companies benefited from a customer marketing database audit.  Click here to read this paper.              
E-Commerce Times (August 24, 2010) "NAB Wants Cellphones to Turn On the Radio" and DBMT®'s David Bernard explains the radio silence
"FM Radio competes with audio streaming and music download services as a source for music," [David Bernard, a managing director at DB Marketing Technologies,] told the E-Commerce Times. "Depending on the handset -- e.g., if it is an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, or just a standard phone -- the effect of free FM radio on the handset could be decreased add-on service usage, as in the case with cellular carriers' music services, or decreased app store revenue from manufacturer's app stores," Bernard explained. Click here to read this article.

AOL Small Business (August 13, 2010) "Is the iPhone Finally Coming to Verizon?" DBMT®'s David Bernard shares his expert insights and the potential fall out of a Verizon iPhone
"It would be easy to toss this round of rumors into the slag heap of all the previous ones, but there is a slightly different timbre this time. "The recent Verizon/iPhone rumors are coming from the supply chain, whereas the previous rumors were the more typical high-level sources," says David Bernard, managing director of business consulting firm DB Marketing Technologies in New York. The biggest telltale sign is Apple ordering CDMA chipsets for the iPhone."  Click here to read this article.

Marketer News (August 10, 2010) DB Marketing Technologies reveals seven tell-tale signs your customer/marketing database is not working properly
Is your Marketing/Customer Database delivering the accurate insights and flawless execution you need or is it misfiring — increasing your costs and spewing inaccuracies that will obstruct your customer segmentation and marketing performance calculations and ultimately hurt you professionally?  Lets’ find out. Click here to read this article.

In E-Commerce Times (July 15, 2010): "Apple Disgruntlement Reaching Fever Pitch"  David Bernard, managing director of DB Marketing Technologies, discusses Apple competition's reaction to iPhone 4 troubles
"Apple and AT&T competitors, meanwhile, are no doubt hoping for more of the same [stonewalling and denials] from the companies, said David Bernard, managing director of DB Marketing Technologies. "They are loving this whole thing. Yesterday, a Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) executive called the iPhone 4 'Apple's Vista' -- which is an absurd comment for many reasons but is resonating because of how Apple has blundered its response," Bernard told MacNewsWorld."  Click here to read this article.
DTC Perspectives Magazine (June 2010): "Ensuring Accurate Reporting: A Primer for Marketers" by DB Marketing Technologies managing director David Bernard
This article, written by CRM guru and DB Marketing Technologies managing director David Bernard, is a must-read for anyone who is interested in receiving better reporting. It is an information-packed guide to presenting bullet-proof findings - showing you how to eliminate reporting errors, improve information accuracy, and generate insights that senior management can confidently tie to revenue gains." Click here to read this article.

E-Commerce Times (May 25, 2010): "Apple Consigns iPhone 3GS to Wal-Mart's Bargain Basement"  has David Bernard, managing director of DB Marketing Technologies, weigh in on the iPhone pricing change
When asked why would Apple let Wal-Mart roll back prices on its iPhone before announcing the launch of the fourth-generation iPhone, David Bernard suggested a deal with Verizon would be reason enough: "Apple might have other hot news to announce -- perhaps an agreement with Verizon, suggested David Bernard, managing director of DB Marketing Technologies. "There is incredible pent-up demand for an iPhone on Verizon, and [if he were to make such an announcement], Steve Jobs would have a huge impact -- not only on Apple's PR machine, but also on customer behavior...." Click here to read this article.
DTC Perspectives (March 2010): "Turnkey or Time Bomb? Marketers Should Take a Closer Look at Turnkey CRM Solutions" by David Bernard, managing director of DB Marketing Technologies
"CRM architectures are a complex collection of processes, technologies, vendors, data and tools. They must be kept in alignment. Left on their own, even the best architectures with the best vendors and the best tools will start to operate out of phase with business requirements within eight months of implementation. And these variances can be very pricey...." Click here to read this article and find out how you can recover $500K a year from your CRM architecture and bulletproof your CRM practices.
DMNews (January 21, 2010): "CRM Architecture Audit Saves Millions and Improves Customer Relationships"
"The typical underlying objective of CRM practices, whether they be programs, creative, systems or processes, is to improve marketing performance and strengthen customer relationships, making them more profitable. It follows, then, that senior executives do not look kindly on marketing when CRM programs fail. The calamity and opportunity here is that 90% of CRM failures are completely avoidable with effective management and ongoing oversight...." Click here to find out how much you, too, can save with a CRM Architecture Audit in this article featuring DBMT managing director David Bernard.
New white paper from DB Marketing Technologies leads industry in thought leadership for Physician Relationship Management (PRM)
The limited success of the traditional push strategy in pharmaceutical sales and the ill-effects of a weak economy have caused many pharmaceuticals to take a second look at how they are driving sales through physicians. These new approaches generally involve changing the focus of the organization to move beyond the product-centric sales approach driven solely by prescribing behavior algorithms and sales force allocation to a more sophisticated, effective and less costly customer-centric sales and marketing approach – Physician Relationship Management (PRM). Click here to find out how you can benefit from adopting a new PRM Strategy and Implementation.
Check out the Latest Issue of DTC Perspectives and find out how you can better manage your marketing database  
In this critical primer for marketers, you will get the information you need to ensure that your database is not only run optimally, but also at the lowest possible price point. Key to your success is a hands-on management approach and good vendor agreements. Click on the headline above to read the article authored by DBMT Managing Director David Bernard.
Find out the "Adherence Measurement Methods & Best Practices that Improve Marketing Performance" at CBI's Premier Forum on Marketing and Data Analytics for Pharma
Pharmaceutical companies are plagued with insufficient adherence measurement practices — over-reliance on persistence analysis, inconsistent definitions of adherence metrics or simply inaccurate and misleading reporting. These analyses, which often inform business planning, forecasting and promotion decisions, lower marketing performance.  In this DB Marketing Technologies case study presented in Philadelphia at the CBI Premier Forum on Marketing and Data Analytics for the Pharmaceutical Industry, attendees will learn best practices in adherence measurement that lead to improved marketing effectiveness and greater marketer influence within the organization. Attendees will receive:
Adherence measurement methods and guidelines for avoiding measurement errors
Presentation of a proven approach towards establishing standard adherence measurement practices across the
  organization and reporting strategies to make adherence measurement usable to brands

Patient-level data sourcing and management advice to ensure quality and accuracy in adherence measurement
DBMT's David Bernard Demystifies Adherence Measurement for Marketers in the December Issue of
DTC Perspectives

If you are looking for the proper definitions for adherence, compliance and persistence and you want an industry standard to measure adherence, then read David Bernard's article "Demystifying Adherence Measurement: A Primer for Marketers" in the December 2008 issue of DTC Perspectives. Finally, you will get a clear and concise understanding of measuring patient behavior.
Find out why Marketing Databases are never turnkey in DMNews
Marketers tend to rely on others for oversight of their marketing database, delegating these responsibilities to their advertising agencies or relying on their marketing database vendor to “self-manage,” says David Bernard, Managing Director of DB Marketing Technologies to DMNews. "This is a mistake. Marketers must actively manage their database vendors — even when the finest vendors are deployed respond."
Join David Bernard at the National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM) on December 10 at 8 am and find out how you can Keep Your Marketing Database Healthy
Have you ever had to restate numbers to senior management? Have you experienced more than two database marketing errors in the past 30 days? Does it take more than 24 hours to get basic business questions answered? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you may be experiencing critical underlying problems with your database. And you need to find out the five critical requirements for effectively managing a marketing database. Learn proven management strategies for ensuring that the marketing database continually meets company needs, including identifying when and how to update your vendor. You will learn:
• To identify problems in marketing databases before they become serious
• How to ensure your marketing databases meet business requirements over time
• How to know a vendor switch is needed and how to respond

"Is your Database a Lemon or a Limousine?" asks David Bernard in his May CRM article for DMNews that explores what you can do to keep marketing costs down and your job secure.
Databases are the engines of your sales and marketing organization. They are what your CRM programs run on. They need regular tune-ups. Left on their own, mistakes go uncorrected and costs climb, until finally someone notices and heads roll. You don't have to be one of the unfortunates. Just click on the above headline and find out what you can do to get your database to  take you everywhere you need to go.
"Benchmarking Strategies for Measuring Compliance Success at CBI's Patient Compliance, Adherence & Persistency Conference" wins rave reviews from attendees in Philadelphia
DBMT Managing Director David Bernard discussed what the pharmaceutical industry needs to do to standardize adherence measurement. Mr. Bernard hosted a panel of pharma executives from Schering Plough, AstraZeneca, and GlaxoSmithKline.
DBMT Managing Director David Bernard Reveals Pitfalls of Fulfillment Automation to DMNews Readers
In the April 14, 2008 Issue of DMNews "Gloves Off", Mr. Bernard reveals how automated fulfillment can be sabotaged by customer databases and what needs to be done to make automation work, "Under usual circumstances, customer marketing  databases are not actively managed  by their owners, and issues are allowed to develop.... The key is to fully audit your customer marketing database prior to implementing automation fulfillment, and perform audits every 18-24 months."
DBMT Managing Director Joanna Smith Bers Discusses Use of Online Promo Codes for Home Contractors
In this article, Ms. Bers explains to Lowesforpros.com readers why tracking codes on online offers are critical to measuring online advertising and offer performance: "The code, given with the promotion, should reflect the Web site where the marketing aired, the creative message used, the offer itself and any other targeting effort made to reach a particular audience. Set up properly, every response will feed into instant and cumulative reporting on which promotions are working, with whom and where."
DBMT Managing Director Joanna Smith Bers Delivers Critical Hiring Advice to DMNews Readers
In the January 21, 2008 Issue of DMNews, Ms. Bers discusses DBMT's approach to hiring and identifies hot talent pools for top marketing analysts. "When we are looking to hire marketing analysts," says Ms. Bers, "we're looking for people that know data — how to store it, retrieve it and analyze it. And, we're looking for people who can communicate that insight to our clients without confusing them or putting them to sleep. Everybody gets tested, no matter where they went to school."
DBMT Presents "Benchmarking Brand Performance with Patient-Level Data — Measuring Patient Behavior and Classifying Physician Performance" at 2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Market Research Summit
Traditional measurement techniques using Rx Claims data delivers limited insights that at best give pharmaceutical executives a tiny hint regarding patient behavior and at worst mislead executives into poor marketing and sales decisions. Attendees find out about new tools, techniques and methods that will allow you to fully understand and accurately measure the impact of marketing and promotion on physician and patient behavior.
David Bernard Co-chairs CBI 2nd Forum on Prescription Data Restriction Conference
This event focuses on prescription data issues specific to the sales and marketing aspects of the bio/pharmaceutical industry. Held in Washington DC at the DoubleTree Hotel, Mr. Bernard's special session "Alternative Strategies to Measure Marketing and Sales Performance" is not to be missed.
DBMT Presents at CBI's 4th Annual Anonymous Patient-level Data & Analysis Conference
Mr. Bernard, DBMT Managing Director, will be delivering an in-depth presentation on "Building Deeper Insights with Patient-level Data -- Explaining Patient Behavior and Classifying Physician Performance" at 11:45 am on June 13th.
  David Bernard Speaks at Eyeforpharma's 2nd Annual Marketing ROI Congress
Mr. Bernard's session on June 14th at 2:30 pm will show pharma marketers how to increase sales with accurate insights derived from Patient-level Data, focusing on: how to obtain robust data that can deliver more compelling insights; examples of analyses using robust data to look at impact of physician care, healthcare costs and overall patient health on adherence; and the impact of analysis on brand performance (incremental sales) and future marketing plans.
  David Bernard Chairs IIR's 2nd Annual LPD Conference: Translating Robust LPD to Create Business Value
Mr. Bernard addresses the challenges and opportunities for pharmaceutical companies, physicians, patients, and managed care in today's environment and the role that longitudinal patient data can play on April 4.
AstraZeneca Purchases Enterprise License of DBMT SurveyManager
In its efforts to better serve its customer base and deliver more efficient marketing programs with even greater relevancy to customers, AstraZeneca has purchased an Enterprise license of DB Marketing Technologies’ customer profile management software DBMT SurveyManager™. DBMT SurveyManager™ is the first workflow-based application that incorporates a Question / Answer Library to ensure consistency in customer data collection and streamlines the survey creation and approval process across the organization.“On a strategic level, DBMT SurveyManager™ will lower costs associated with data collection, including survey development and data hygiene, and increase the analytic value of customer profiles, which will improve analytic insights across the company and give marketers more accurate actionable information,” says Bob Stanley, AstraZeneca Consumer Database Marketing Manager. “On an organizational level, DBMT SurveyManager™ is a critical solution for efficiently developing questions and surveys, ensuring that data collection standards are enforced, that approved questions are reused across the enterprise, and that new surveys go through proper channels before they are allowed to be circulated.”
  Target Marketing Tipline Taps DB Marketing Technologies for Outsourcing Advice
Managing Directors David Bernard and Joanna Smith Bers advise "Target Marketing Tipline" readers on when to go outside for services and how to do it successfully: "The only reason a company should outsource a particular function is if the work can be done better, faster and/or cheaper outside. So the decision about when (and what) to outsource is directly related to in-house expertise, resources and capability as compared to the critical business need. If your internal evaluations indicate that outsourcing is the right option for you, choosing the right vendor(s) is the critical next step..." - TM Tipline, for the complete article
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