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Database Audit

Databases are the engines of your sales and marketing organization. They need regular tune-ups. Left on their own, mistakes go uncorrected and costs climb – until finally someone notices and jobs are lost.  Companies that outsource their marketing databases, consequently, wind up changing their database vendors about every five years as means of fixing the broken infrastructure.  These migrations are costly, both in terms of time and dollars, and would likely be unnecessary if the vendors were audited on a regular basis.

Fig. 1: Case Study of Client’s Marketing Database Management Cost Comparison over 1 Year.


Cost without Audit

Cost w/ DBMT Audit

Database Management



Addressing Errors & Delays



Database Migration



Marketing Database Performance Audit



Marketing Database Management Support






Actual Client Savings



Careful, Periodic Audits Will Save You Money!

You can ensure your marketing database continues to deliver accurate insights and quality campaigns with DB Marketing Technologies Marketing Database Performance Audits.  DB Marketing Technologies identifies database issues before they become critical errors, enabling proactive correction.

DB Marketing Technologies helps clients ensure that their marketing databases cost-effectively deliver accurate insights and flawless execution of programs (see our article in DTC Perspectives).  Through periodic audits, DB Marketing Technologies is able to identify database issues before they become critical errors, enabling proactive correction.  The findings from DB Marketing Technologies comprehensive database audits detail the cost-saving enhancements our clients need to improve their data collection, data management, processing and ETL, database design, data quality, vendor-to-vendor interfaces and vendor integration.

DB Marketing Technologies rigorous four-step approach ensures a comprehensive audit that produces a better designed, better integrated and more cost-effective database that actually delivers on brand objectives. The four steps are

1. Discovery
2. Assessment
3. Recommendations and Final Deliverable
4. Presentation of Results/Deliverable Structure

1. Discovery
Through review of company documentation and interviews with client and vendor stakeholders, DB Marketing Technologies evaluates the current state of the CRM Architecture, with special focus on the database.  This evaluation not only includes  marketing programs, databases and interfaces, but also brand marketing strategy.

During this step, DB Marketing Technologies compiles and reviews the following documentation:

Project team lists for each vendor, including contact info,
    roles and responsibilities

Overall Documentation for the CRM Architecture (process
    and data flows)

Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) for the centralized
    database as well as for the satellite databases at each

Data Dictionaries and small extracts from each table for the
    centralized database as well as for the satellite databases at
    each vendor. 

Interface documentation, including interface structure,
    frequency, method of automation, exception handling and

Extract/Transform/Load documentation, including staging
    structures, frequency, method of automation and validation

Execution/Tactical Reporting, both actual reports and
    reporting design/logic

Customer data collection activities (copies of Web Forms,
    BRCs, etc.)

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2. Assessment
Using the output of our Discovery work as a launching point, DB Marketing Technologies drills down into the operational elements of the CRM Architecture, including Operational Process, Marketing Program Design & Execution, Databases and Reporting, through a combination of site visits and interviews. 

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3. Recommendations and Final Deliverable
DB Marketing Technologies develops a final deliverable containing comprehensive documentation of the assessment, detailed recommendations based on client requirements and DB Marketing Technologies domain expertise, as well as a plan for implementation that includes phasing and prioritization.

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4. Presentation of Results
DB Marketing Technologies presents the results from the assessment as specified by the project sponsor.

Deliverable Structure
To most effectively assess the CRM Architecture, DB Marketing Technologies follows the flow of information from start to finish:

Database Audit Deliverable Image

Touchpoint Data Collection
Description: Consistency and integrity of how each vendor/channel captures data directly from customers, including questions, answers and business rules.

Importance: Data collection anomalies can hinder the accuracy and value of the marketing database.  Each day that anomalies are permitted to exist is another day that potentially flawed data enters the database.

2. Interfaces
Description: Structure, quality and validation of data flows between vendors and databases for updates, fulfillment and/or tracking.

Importance: Interface reliability is essential to flawless execution.  Interface design can affect the efficiency of operations, while interface validation ensures that only the proper records are processed.  Improperly structured/managed interfaces can continually put the utility and accuracy of the marketing database at risk.

3. Marketing Database Technology, Design & Content
Ease of use and integrity of the marketing database's structure/data model; cleanliness, integrity, accuracy and utility of the data stored within the Marketing Database.

Importance: Difficult to use data models can encourage improper reporting and querying.  Improperly structured data models can cause errors that impact campaign execution.
Also, data anomalies, as a result of legacy information or inconsistent validation, are an obstacle to reporting and querying and can potentially effect campaign execution.

4. Reporting & Data Access
Description: Tools, process, format and accuracy of program reporting and analysis

Importance: Reporting accuracy is essential to proper program management. A flawed reporting process can introduce inaccuracies into reporting output. Further, functional limitations and performance issues can limit how programs are designed, executed and measured.

5. Vendor Landscape
Description: Team structure, skills and inter-vendor relationships between a client's project teams and each vendor.

Importance: The highest level of service for a client is best obtained when vendors are aligned and empowered to deliver their core capabilities.

The deliverable provides the following detail for each dimension:
Current State Review
Findings and Recommendations for Improvement
Compilation of client and vendor documentation (included in the Appendix)

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Customer Testimonial

"Clearly, this was one of the most comprehensive and well-articulated evaluations of the Nexium database infrastructure that AZ has received. In addition, DBMT’s evaluation led to critical cost savings for the year.

Clarity of approach, technical expertise, thoroughness of communications, and affable personnel made interaction easy. DBMT also has a clear understanding of the importance of listening to the client and helping to identify client needs and issues. 

Unlike the approach all too often pushed by consultants to force fit a ‘canned’ model or provide a ‘pie-in-the-sky’ plan without validating the ability of implementation, DBMT recommendations were provided with a realistic sense of where the business is to-date and what is truly feasible for the future." 

Senior Promotions Manager
GI Products


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