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Training: DBMT® Marketing Operations Boot Camp

DBMT® Marketing Operations Boot Camp™ gives marketing operations teams the shot in the arm they need to better manage vendors, services, and resources - in just three days.

Each member of a Marketing Operations group must possess a set of core skills that ensure success.  These core skills are essential in establishing and managing integrated processes and maximizing the performance of the team and associated vendors.  To get your team up to speed, here is DB Marketing Technologies’ Marketing Operations Boot Camp™ ‑ a three-day intensive course for the whole team that drills down into core skills, providing real world examples and exercises.  The structure of the Marketing Operations Boot Camp™ is provided below.

Day 1: Process, Measurement & Business Rules

The Process of Data Integration: Theory
and Practice

A key responsibility of the marketing operations group is managing the flow of data and the process of data integration.  This training module helps clients:

·    Identify key data decision points

·    Ensure that key questions are asked and answered properly

·    Quickly flesh out their core systems

·    Build a process flow for their infrastructure with specific decision points and questions that need to be asked at each point

Operational Metrics and Threshold Reporting

Ensuring accurate execution begins with establishing the checks and balances that define what it means to be correct.  This training module helps clients:

·    Review typical operational metrics that go beyond file counts and frequency distributions

·    Determine how to properly define exceptions. 

·    Define exception reporting to manage the cost of labor involved in QC

·    Examine existing operational reporting to assess current metrics and develop enhanced designs

Business Rules Management

All too often marketing operations groups consider business rules to be unique to a given campaign.  That leads to a maze of rules which can be contradictory from time to time or produce unexpected results.  This training module will help clients to:

·    Identify a common set of business rules to all campaigns

·    Ensure that business rules observe an internal consistency

·    Create a process to maintain these rules without having to micro-manage every campaign

·    Review a sampling of the client’s current playbooks and campaign specifications, identifying common rules and building a business rules dictionary to help identify when a campaign is requesting new functionality


Day 2: Organization, Campaign Management & Automation

Managing Organizational Alignment

Most organizations align brand management and campaign ROI early in the decision making process, but marketing operations is rarely part of the upfront strategy discussions leading to downstream issues.  This module will show clients how to:

·    Align the execution of programs with the overarching goals of a given program

·    Manage the deliverable ensuring that the overall need is met, not just that the data or file has been delivered

·    Work through real examples to build alignment

·     Use their deliverables to see how they differ from their component parts

Cross Functional Integration

Every task that a marketing operations team performs has an impact on upstream and downstream systems.  This training module will show clients how to:

·    Identify integration points

·    Manage and build processes that have an impact on multiple areas

·    Ensure data correctness and consistency

·    Better integrate with the organization’s customer database

·    Determine the impact of response data and integration decisions on cost and labor

·    Review diagrams in the their own technical requirements document

·    Explore internal client systems to examine areas of integration

Managing Campaigns

Campaigns are central to any marketing operations team, particularly their results and metrics.  To bring this home, the class will:

·    Review recent client campaigns

·    Review the campaign template

·    Highlight specific areas for measurement

·    Examine how campaigns really fit into the overall client ecosystem

Driving Automation

Automation is critical to deriving efficiencies, provided you automate the right processes.  This training module gives clients:

·    The basics of automation

·    The best way to identify process candidates for automation

·    Techniques for managing a vendor through the build, release and optimization of automated processes to increase quality, reduce costs and build a more repeatable and reliable solution

·    A review of existing client campaigns

·    A forum to discuss ways to drive automation for future efficiency


Day 3: MSP Management and Data Stewardship

Managing MSPs

This training module will discuss best practices for managing an MSP and how to establish clear guidelines for performance.  The module covers:

·    Understanding estimates

·    Managing estimates to actuals,

·    Driving automation

·    Managing MSP staffing (technical and non-technical)

·    Operational reporting & alerts, incident reporting

·    Database management essentials,

·    Knowledge management and how to assess performance and ensure continual improvement

Data Stewardship

Marketing data across the enterprise is mission critical to reporting, analysis and program execution.  Data Stewardship, ensures consistent use of data, proper database
design, and drives better, more efficient data hygiene. This training module will show clients how to:

·    Define data stewardship within marketing’s overall infrastructure

·    Establish a data stewardship capability bridging internal and external resources and vendors

·    Model company hierarchy into the marketing database

·    Identify a data stewardship issue and then correct it 


Post-training Support

Transitioning to Self-reliance

DB Marketing Technologies believes that training is most effective when it is followed by a short support period.  During this period, a DB Marketing Technologies consultant will work alongside client resources, helping them to integrate what they’ve learned in training into their work with vendors, colleagues and systems, ensuring that old bad practices are replaced with new, more efficient methodologies. Consultants shadow clients for a defined period, providing direct feedback and advice on calls, in meetings, and emails. DBMT consultants also review all manner of client deliverables in this period so that clients reap the full benefit of training.

Your time is valuable. Call DBMT at 212 717 6000 x6225 to get your staff up to speed in just 3 days, or email us at info@dbmt.com for more information about our program and classes.


DBMT Marketing Operations Boot Camp 


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"DB Marketing Technologies has enabled us to answer the important questions. The combination of the intelligence of their consultants, clear analytic approach, and ability to both document and execute on their findings has enabled us to make many important marketing decisions.

DBMT’s expertise in using data to both improve marketing performance and calculate dollar return for marketing spend has been invaluable to my team.

By working together with our ad agency and all vendor/partners involved in the promotional effort, DBMT is able to better align the total promotional effort, ensuring that there is no project overlap, serving to lower our overall spend and increase the return on investment."

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