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DBMT® Customer Hub
Creating a Chief Marketing Technology office inside your company, run by your digital marketers and incorporating the best of Big Data

As a senior marketer, you have a daunting responsibility — increasing sales through customer engagement. Companies are competing by how well they collect customer data (Big Data), synthesize it,  and analyze it to develop and deliver their great message, offers and wares across all the touchpoints—web, email, social, mobile, mail, and storefront—in a coordinated, reliable, consistent, and timely manner.  Companies must turn their Marketing departments into an integrated Customer Hub that connects customers to the company and connects the company to all its supporting stakeholders inside and out. Creating a Customer Hub, therefore, requires the Digital Marketing team to deftly orchestrate multiple resources and solutions embedded within multiple organizations, employing a varied skillset never-before seen inside the Marketing department.

There has been a lot of talk about creating a Chief Marketing Technology (CMT) office to align all the people processes, and technology that are required to develop a first-rate multi-channel or digital marketing operation. This is the Customer Hub. See "Enter the Chief Marketing Technologist" article in DMNews. To succeed in such integrated multi-channel marketing, the people, departments, processes and technology related to digital marketing, marketing operations, IT, business process engineering, and organizational governance must be integrated and actively managed.  And this is exactly what the DBMT® Customer Hub delivers. So rather than reinvent the wheel, you can just adopt the Hub.

DBMT will give you this advantage in the marketplace. We will set up your Customer Hub using DBMT’s proven Customer Hub Methodology. And you will see the benefits immediately.

DB Marketing Technologies will apply its Customer Hub Methodology to develop an Operating Model, related process workflows, and a Gap Analysis that benchmarks your company with your peers inside your vertical market and across industries. DB Marketing Technologies will further review the marketing technologies in use at your company, recommend ways to optimize use of those solutions or provide options for new and better solutions (Not our own, we're solution-agnostic). DB Marketing Technologies will define key recommendations and phased plans that you can use to transition the organization and your partners to a more robust capability that can be leveraged across brands and programs in the immediate and longer term.

DB Marketing Technologies is a trusted advisor to senior marketers at Fortune 500 companies in their efforts to achieve integrated marketing success.  We work with our clients and all the departments their programs touch to configure the organization to support marketing programs and accurately show Marketing’s impact on sales.  We do this using a proven approach, organizational mapping, and our own methodologies that we have developed and honed by helping corporations achieve ongoing success in establishing, managing and measuring competitive multi-channel marketing organizations.

The DBMT® Customer Hub Methodology is founded on four critical components: Discovery, Current State Assessment & Benchmarking, Gap Analysis, and Recommendations & Phased Planning.


Through a detailed review of your documentation and interviews with your internal and external Stakeholders, DB Marketing Technologies will determine the context around the current state multi-channel marketing practices, marketing strategy to execution workflow, the CRM Architecture, and business requirements.  This includes not only reviewing information about marketing programs, databases and interfaces, but also brand marketing strategies. 

During this step, DB Marketing Technologies performs two essential tasks:

*      Compilation and review of core organizational, operational, technical and strategic marketing documentation

*      Interviews with key stakeholders

Current State Assessment & Benchmarking

DB Marketing Technologies will assess your Multi-channel Marketing Structure, Practices and Architecture — essentially creating a crystal clear view of “what is currently in place.”  Using the output of our Discovery work as a launching point, DB Marketing Technologies assesses and benchmarks the Multi-Channel Marketing practices, including operational process, marketing program design & execution, databases, and reporting/analytics.  Included in this approach is both assessment and benchmarking.

The specific approach used will be tailored to your needs including detailed reviews of:

*      Marketing plans and strategies, including strategic, tactical and operational planning

*      People, process and technology that drive CRM programs

*      Organizational Structure, Staffing and Budget

Gap Analysis

DB Marketing Technologies will perform a Gap Analysis to reconcile the current state assessment with what is needed by the business. The Gap Analysis will illuminate the specific areas that must be addressed to fully achieve your objectives, meet your requirements, and bring CRM practices in-line with best practices—essentially a view of “what is needed now and in the future, and what must be done to achieve what is needed.” The Gap Analysis will cover:

*      Definition of a recommended operating model and structure that efficiently aligns internal and external resources optimizes cost and maximizes quality in the planning, execution and measurement of Multi-Channel Marketing.

*      Identification of needed adjustments to the following components of CRM practices at your company:

*      Staffing and skill requirements for resources and

*      Strategic Marketing

*      Tactical Marketing

*      Marketing Operations

*      Marketing Database Management

*      Reporting, Analytics and Business Intelligence

*      Recommended process integration and workflow

*      Identification of gaps in the active set of SOPs

*      Estimated investment and phasing

Recommendations & Phased Planning

DB Marketing Technologies will provide a series of specific and detailed recommendations for the phasing and implementation of improvements to your MCM practices and operating model—essentially a view of “how should your organization approach what needs to be done.” The recommendations will cover several key areas:

*     Recommendations for solutions, tools, solution architecture (internal/external)

*  MCM functional distribution between vendors, internal IT and the business units

*  Change, transition and implementation planning


DB Marketing Technologies will produce a comprehensive recommendations deliverable including phased recommendations (short and long term) based on your requirements, DBMT domain expertise and best practice.


Presentation of Results

DB Marketing Technologies will prepare and present a presentation summary of the final deliverable to the stakeholders.  DB Marketing Technologies will work with the project sponsor to design the presentation summary to meet the needs of your stakeholders.


DB Marketing Technologies provides presentation support in a number of ways:

*      Develop a presentation summary based on the project sponsor’s requirements

*      Attend the meeting as a subject matter expert to provide input

*      Facilitate the meeting

All recommendations will be appropriately phased (short- and long-term) based on your requirements, DBMT domain expertise and best practice.

For more information about our DBMT® Customer Hub solution, please email us at info@dbmt.com or call us at 212-717-6000.


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Customer Testimonial

"DB Marketing Technologies has enabled us to answer the important questions. The combination of the intelligence of their consultants, clear analytic approach, and ability to both document and execute on their findings has enabled us to make many important marketing decisions.

DBMT’s expertise in using data to both improve marketing performance and calculate dollar return for marketing spend has been invaluable to my team.

By working together with our ad agency and all vendor/partners involved in the promotional effort, DBMT is able to better align the total promotional effort, ensuring that there is no project overlap, serving to lower our overall spend and increase the return on investment."

Brand Director

Roche Laboratories

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