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DBMT Contracted Support

DB Marketing Technologies helps clients fill out their teams with contracted DBMT employees who have the customer database and marketing analytics skills and years of experience they need.

It's a plug-and-play solution to get your marketing team operating the way you want - best serving the organization and meeting goals. All, without adding overhead to your company.

DBMT customers can supplement their staff with DBMT professionals, including:

Marketing d
atabase managers
Campaign managers

Marketing analytics professionals
operations managers
Project managers
Business analysts

Finding great employees is hard, but contracting great staff is easy with DB Marketing Technologies, thanks to our superior talent vetting and training.

Call DBMT at 212 717 6000 x6165 and fill out your staff with professionals who have the exact skills, years of experience, and team player attitude that you want on your team. 


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Customer Testimonial

"DB Marketing Technologies took our DTC [Direct-to-Consumer] CRM effort from its infancy to a senior management supported initiative. By aligning our vendors, DBMT immediately reduced our costs. And by delving into our data collection efforts, they enabled us to generate reports never before available. Their work enabled us to quickly prove the value of DTC marketing. As a result, we were able to initiate a full-scale CRM project across multiple product lines." 

Team Leader,
Relationship Marketing

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