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Longitudinal Customer Analytics

As a Marketing Executive, you are looking for data-driven insights that you can use for strategic planning, increasing revenue and market share, brand optimization and sales forecasting.  To derive these insights, you need to understand customer behavior — what people are purchasing, how they use/consume your products, who and what circumstances influence purchasing, retention and upselling.  You need the clearest and most comprehensive view of the customer landscape.

Longitudinal Cutomer Analytics ImageThat is why DB Marketing Technologies developed a suite of analytic tools and methodologies that deliver the most insightful, relevant and necessary customer behavior analyses regarding your brand and its competitors over time.

DBMT leverages its ground-breaking Rolling Multiple Cohort (RMC) Methodology™ to track behavior and aggregate multiple behavioral streams to deliver the most accurate  longitudinal customer behavioral insights that incorporate broad-scale analysis with trending over time.

DBMT Rolling Multiple Cohort Methodology™:
Allows for ongoing periodic retention measurement
Identifies changes in the rate of new customer acquisition
Identifies the behavior of customers at different stages of
    their product life cycle

DBMT has also developed a Customer Value-Vulnerability Index™ to measure customer profitability, potential and influence as well as calculate how likely that customer is to reduce or terminate their relationship with an organization. Understanding a customer relationship in terms of value and vulnerability allows the marketing organization to better tailor its messages and offers to better retain customers and increase their spend with the company.

The Customer Value-Vulnerability Index™ reveals:
Longitudinal customer behavior and profitability patterns
Key influencers of customer purchasing
Circumstances that influence customer repeat shopping and
    incremental purchasing
Circumstances that influence customer erosion, shopping
    regression and decremental purchasing

Actions needed to increase market share and customer
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Customer Testimonial

"DB Marketing Technologies has enabled us to answer the important questions. The combination of the intelligence of their consultants, clear analytic approach, and ability to both document and execute on their findings has enabled us to make many important marketing decisions.

DBMT’s expertise in using data to both improve marketing performance and calculate dollar return for marketing spend has been invaluable to my team.

By working together with our ad agency and all vendor/partners involved in the promotional effort, DBMT is able to better align the total promotional effort, ensuring that there is no project overlap, serving to lower our overall spend and increase the return on investment."

Brand Director

Roche Laboratories

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