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CRM for Small to Mid-sized Businesses

DB Marketing Technologies has developed a suite of customer relationship management (CRM) services tailored to small and mid-sized businesses looking to outsmart their competition, increase their customers and sell much more to their existing customers.

DB Marketing Technologies offers services to help you:

1. Clean your customer data to make it more usable
2. Customize, upgrade, or migrate your contact management software, marketing applications and reporting to suit your business and increase sales
3. Develop automated campaigns to more carefully target your customers
4. Improve your marketing practices to improve your bottom line

To get started now, call 212 717 6000 or email info@dbmt.com and let us know what your marketing goals are. 

We'll jump start your marketing efforts and get you more leads and new business than you thought possible with your existing infrastructure. The call is free, so you have nothing to lose - except the chance to make a lot more sales!

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Customer Testimonial

"DB Marketing Technologies took our DTC [Direct-to-Consumer] CRM effort from its infancy to a senior management supported initiative. By aligning our vendors, DBMT immediately reduced our costs. And by delving into our data collection efforts, they enabled us to generate reports never before available. Their work enabled us to quickly prove the value of DTC marketing. As a result, we were able to initiate a full-scale CRM project across multiple product lines."

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Relationship Marketing
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