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CRM Architecture Audit:
Ditch the risks that threaten your performance and save at least $500K a year in expenses

Are your marketing programs plagued by database issues? Do you get the feeling that you don't have the right vendor database team assigned to you? Do you just feel like you're not getting value from your data? There are so many moving parts in your customer relationship management architecture and programs,
it's hard to feel like you're in control. And that's where
a CRM Audit really helps. After an audit, you're in the driver's seat. You know what you have and what you need to take control of your company's CRM programs. And considering that your entire marketing strategy
and ability to execute on that strategy, while complying with regulatory requirements, hinges on your data being right, the CRM Audit has become a critical step in corporate America's marketing efforts.

Even more, if your industry is highly regulated, then you are legally obligated to make sure your data is spot on to ensure compliance with privacy and communications regulations. All that needs to happen is that one direct mail communication violates a consumer’s privacy preferences, and your company can be sued.

So how do you keep yourself and your company out of hot water and execute a great marketing plan?  

Audit your CRM Architecture regularly. With a CRM Audit, you receive an evaluation of how your data is collected, input, updated, reported and analyzed. Even more, you get detailed recommendations and fixes for architectural issues that threaten the validity, accuracy and value of data.

DB Marketing Technologies routinely saves its large corporate clients at least $500,000 a year in fees and unnecessary operating expenses. That’s real money that you can then reallocate to other parts of your marketing organization.

A CRM Architecture Audit by an independent and respected third party like DB Marketing Technologies (DBMT) gives you control over your company's customer data and shows that your company is working to ensure its customer practices are above reproach. At DBMT, we address every point of risk and opportunity in the CRM continuum. We not only identify if there are any breaches in the CRM architecture, but also make immediate fixes. Our CRM Architecture Audit delves into the following critical areas:

  • Strategy & Business Planning
  • Measurement Methods, Metrics & Analytics
  • Marketing Practices
  • Customer Touchpoint Integration, Dataflows and Data Operations Management
  • Marketing Database Technology, Design and Content
  • Reporting & Data Access
  • Vendor Team

Click here for more information and to see how one client saved more than $1 million in just one year.

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CRM Architecture Audit

Let DBMT audit your CRM architecture and you will likely get back at least $500K a year in operating expenses - and keep the company in compliance.



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Customer Testimonial

"Clearly, this was one of the most comprehensive and well-articulated evaluations of the Nexium database infrastructure that AZ has received. In addition, DBMT’s evaluation led to critical cost savings for the year.

Clarity of approach, technical expertise, thoroughness of communications, and affable personnel made interaction easy. DBMT also has a clear understanding of the importance of listening to the client and helping to identify client needs and issues. 

Unlike the approach all too often pushed by consultants to force fit a ‘canned’ model or provide a ‘pie-in-the-sky’ plan without validating the ability of implementation, DBMT recommendations were provided with a realistic sense of where the business is to-date and what is truly feasible for the future." 

Senior Promotions Manager
GI Products


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