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Analytic Datamart Design & Enhancement

Marketers need information to develop insights about their customers, yet marketers find a lot of the data they get difficult to use. Their reports can be hard to understand or, worse, the information in them is not actionable. Some marketers have online access to data, but that tends to be more of a barrier than a facilitator, as most marketers are not big data crunchers. Customer insight development requires an interactive/iterative approach towards working with data, and marketers often do not have the tools, time, or inclination to wade into the data and pull out the answers they seek.

Adding to this challenge is the quality of the data itself. In many cases, the only data accessible to marketers is operational data — data that is simply the collection of transactional customer touches.  Using operational data for insight development is unreliable, time consuming and far too complex for anyone to cost-effectively derive good findings. 

When insight development becomes such a chore, marketers lose interest in data, less frequently use data-driven tools and delegate too much analytic insight development to outside vendors.  These limitations on both adoption and participation by marketers have a negative impact on marketing automation and CRM.

DB Marketing Technologies (DBMT) has resolved these issues for companies by building Analytic Datamarts that are easy to use, provide an interactive environment for insight development, and are extensible as company insight needs change.

DBMT’s approach to Analytic Datamart Design & Optimization is comprised of four components:

Requirements Gathering
DB Marketing Technologies will meet with stakeholders in the marketing, promotion and technology areas to define analytic requirements and reporting needs.

ODS Audit
DB Marketing Technologies will audit the source ODS and develop enhancements needed to integrate with the ADM.  If a centralized ODS does not exist, DBMT works with clients to plan, design and build a central repository for all operational data from each touchpoint.

ADM Design
Based on the analytics requirements and ODS enhancement recommendations, DBMT will design the ADM Data Model and develop a specification for stakeholders and vendor partners detailing the exact changes they need to make in their particular structure and transfer of data.
Executing on the Design and Specification documents, DBMT will work with each stakeholder/vendor partner to build the ADM and make any necessary changes to the process and/or structure of operational data stores internally or at channel vendors.

DBMT Analytic Datamart Design and Optimization is a critical step that must be taken for companies to efficiently access customer data, easily generate analytic reports, and gain accurate insights from your data.


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Customer Testimonial

"Clearly, this was one of the most comprehensive and well-articulated evaluations of the Nexium database infrastructure that AZ has received. In addition, DBMT’s evaluation led to critical cost savings for the year.

Clarity of approach, technical expertise, thoroughness of communications, and affable personnel made interaction easy. DBMT also has a clear understanding of the importance of listening to the client and helping to identify client needs and issues. 

Unlike the approach all too often pushed by consultants to force fit a ‘canned’ model or provide a ‘pie-in-the-sky’ plan without validating the ability of implementation, DBMT recommendations were provided with a realistic sense of where the business is to-date and what is truly feasible for the future." 

Senior Promotions Manager
GI Products


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