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AnalyticCRM® is DB Marketing Technologies' proven approach
to ensure that
CRM programs deliver on their objectives —
improved customer behavior and improved customer insight.  AnalyticCRM® enables companies to continually
increase the analytic value of data,
CRM program effectiveness and return on investment. A company’s obstacles to achieving these goals are often self-inflicted  through inconsistent and/or ineffective channel management, data collection and program/survey design.  Failure to address these issues results in the erosion of data quality, which is directly tied to a reduction in analytic value.  And when necessary insights are not available or trustworthy, the ROI of CRM programs sharply declines. That is why companies need AnalyticCRM®. It eliminates data decay, improves insights and bolsters analytic value, boosting ROI.

AnalyticCRM® Eliminates Customer Data Issues
As CRM programs drive customer interaction, they are responsible for pulling in the data that flows into a customer database and ultimately relied upon as the basis for insights.  The chart below illustrates this process:

When there are problems with insight quality, quantity or availability, blame is usually directed at the IT infrastructure, CRM tools or the approach used to develop the insights. 

So, the most common steps organizations take to resolve problems with customer data analysis usually fall into the following categories:

Comprehensive Database Audit to determine anomalies in customer data and attempt to apply fixes to increase analytic value.

Optimization and refinement of interfaces that feed data into the database.

Development of ETL Logic to produce meaningful summarizations of operational data for reporting.

Enhancements to the underlying database structure to facilitate the ETL process.

Continued adjustment to existing reporting and/or development of new reporting to attempt to circumvent underlying data issues.

But the real source of the problem is left un-addressed – the design of marketing programs, business rules and channel-based data collection.  Considerable time and money is spent fixing data structure, reports, processes and technologies on the backend, only to have the same problems reappear over and over again.  Addressing customer data issues at the information technology and insight levels exclusively does not address the real problem in most cases. Data issues must be addressed at the point of entry.

DB Marketing Technologies Eliminates Customer Data Issues
DB Marketing Technologies has helped many companies identify and correct customer data issues with solutions that work and that last.  DBMT’s approach consists of four offerings:

Customer Data Collection Enhancement
Program Measurement Enhancement
Customer Profile Strategy
DBMT SurveyManagerTM (automated collection enhancement solution)

Together, these four DBMT offerings add up to a proven method of CRM Optimization by eliminating customer data and program measurement issues and maximizing the analytic value of customer data. AnalyticCRM® is the only way marketers can accurately track, measure and improve the effectiveness of their programs.

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Customer Testimonial

"DB Marketing Technologies took our DTC [Direct-to-Consumer] CRM effort from its infancy to a senior management supported initiative. By aligning our vendors, DBMT immediately reduced our costs. And by delving into our data collection efforts, they enabled us to generate reports never before available. Their work enabled us to quickly prove the value of DTC marketing. As a result, we were able to initiate a full-scale CRM project across multiple product lines."

Team Leader
Relationship Marketing

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