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Here's a question we recently receved:

I try to adapt to customer needs, but my Relationship Marketing costs go up each time I change my data collection/survey/ registration forms. What should I do?

DBMT® Answers:
First, streamline Data Collection. You can reuse question/answer sets, for example. Second, utilize better data management to limit developer labor and programming.   Use flexible designs.

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David Bernard ImageNew DBMT®
Email Performance
Score Card!

DBMT will take all your email campaign reports and deliver economical, streamlined analytic findings that tell you which emails are improving customer behavior over time.

At DBMT, we work with clients to help them optimize their use of CRM.  Our reporting approach clarifies and illuminates the impact of email executions on customer behavior. We take our clients’ pile of reports and offer an economical, streamlined solution that transforms typical email reporting into actionable insights. The result is a solution that takes your existing reports—typically a package of 15 reports—and creates consolidated reporting with actionable insights based on longitudinal behavior.
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New DBMT® Customer Hub!

DBMT® Customer Hub connects customers to Marketing and Marketing to its resources

As a senior marketer, you have a daunting responsibility — increasing sales through customer engagement.  But success is not just about coming up with a great marketing message anymore. Now companies are competing by how well they deliver their brands’ messages to their customers across all the touchpoints—including web, email, social, mobile and direct mail—in a coordinated, reliable, consistent, and timely manner.  Companies must turn their Marketing departments into an integrated Customer Hub that connects customers to the company and connects the company to all its supporting stakeholders inside and out to ensure effective communication.

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Contracting Staff for You

Staff up with DBMT Marketing Operations Professionals

DB Marketing Technologies helps clients fill in their teams by contracting DBMT employees who have the customer database, campaign management and marketing analytics skills and years of experience they need.

It's a plug-and-play solution to get your marketing team operating the way you want - best serving the organization and hitting your goals. All, without adding overhead to your company.

DBMT customers can supplement their staff with
DBMT professionals, including:

Marketing d
atabase managers
Campaign managers

Marketing analytics managers
operations managers

Finding great employees is hard, but contracting great staff is easy with DB Marketing Technologies, thanks to our superior talent vetting and training.

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customer analytics and business insights consultantsWho we are:
DB Marketing Technologies is a CRM management consulting firm specializing in marketing/digital marketing operations, big data and database management, and analytics. DB Marketing Technologies works closely with marketers, brand managers, market researchers and other senior executives to improve customer insights through better analytics and data collection. DBMT helps companies achieve their goals by delivering both issue-specific and enterprise solutions.
customer analytics and knowledge management across industriesMarkets we serve:
Financial Services (Banking, Brokerage, and Insurance)
Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences
Real Estate

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